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Bad manners

"Share this app on social media to restart from checkpoint. " without sharing, Ill have to start all over, from the beginning. Thats coercion, guys. I bought that product and you force me to advertise it for free? No way. Besides, looks like a penny dreadful. Wont play it anymore because of the checkpoint issue.


I havent completed this yet. I died the first time out. One thing that ticked me off was the option to start at a checkpoint requires that you post how much you love the game to FaceBook! WHAT? Yeah, a game I paid for wants free advertising from me anyway. Second fail is that English is not the game creators first language. I should have given this game a pass and saved $1.19.

Awesome Game

Very good game

It’s just crazy! I haven’t experienced such emotions for very long time until now


This app is not only original, but it is well designed and put together. I love the atmosphere this game gives off and I would like to see more to come! (Developers: PLEASE, if you do make a 2nd one, dont make it repetitive to the first one.)

Like it

I like the idea of this game


It was exciting for about 15 minutes and then it became a bit repetitive. Not a very exciting replay even when choosing new options. Produces nearly the same effect as the first options.


Good idea but poorly made. Not much choice in the game and gets very repetitive. Not worth the money


This game is not bad, but the poor English kind of ruins it.

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